Group Yoga lessons in Florence

NatureFitFlorence ASD offers to members Group Yoga Classes both indoor and outdoor.
At NatureFitFlorence ASD Studio via dei Pilastri 7A you'll find an intimate place: each class is about 5/6 persons, therefore each one is given of professional attention.

The discipline of Yoga is really huge, but at its foundation there's a deep knowledge of body and mind.
It's not correct thinking at Yoga merely as a relaxing discipline.
The main focus is for sure reconnecting ourselves to our inner Self passing through our Sacred Bridge, that is, our Sacred Breath, but throughout the practice we'll achieve a deep inner and outer transformation.

The first thing to comprehend is that Yoga is NOT a religion: its origins are millennial and by the time this discipline has been evolving through thousands aspects.

With Yoga practices we refer in a large way to various Modern Yoga Styles.

But here we don’t refer to “do Yoga” but “Living Yoga”, since this is a very deep discipline and philosophy that embraces more existence fields.

Every Yoga styles aim to the Union - this is the more intrinsic meaning of the word - , that Union forgot between Us and the Entire Universe; it aims to free the individual from its conditionings and its purpose is an ongoing and perhaps neverending process.

The primary aspect practicing yoga is to keep our attention and awareness to our Breath, a natural act that we often don’t focus to, reducing its “vital life force” merely to a repetitive, automatic and superficial act. Being the master of our Breath means to stop our mental swings and return to be the master of our mind. The attention and care of our breathing is therefore the first step to release tension and get a higher state of consciousness. Through a constant Yoga practice, studying its philosophy too, we will face a neverending and unparalleled journey; that one inside ourselves. A journey that brings positive changement in our life that will reflect the infinite Light for which we strive.

It’s essential to be guided by a certified Yoga instructor to avoid any injury caused by repeated incorrect positions.


Different types of yoga practiced at NatureFitFlorence ASD, Florence


It’s the Taoist version of Yoga. Founded by Paulie Zinkie, this style of yoga comes from the need of a more static and passive practice, most of the time ground practicing. Asanas are held from 1 to 5 minutes with a whole passive stretching and always focusing on breathing phases. This let our bodymind to slowly, constantly and gradually release tension, deeply working on the myofascia tissue, a tissue that covers our overall muscle system that is essential to our ability to move and it’s very important to our overall health.


This is a branch of Yoga very strong, regenerating, invigorating and dynamic. Widespread to the West and developed by Patthabi Jois is a yoga style that stands out for its dynamism, rebalancing the whole subtle energies. There are six increase in difficulty series. We will practice the Primary Series focusing on breath (ujjayi pranayama), gaze direction (drishti), self-concentration and our ability to amplify our internal energies (bandha). It’s a wonderful practice that steadily center ourself along with toning and improve our flexibility at 360°.


When we face the word “vinyasa” that means “a specific movement in a determined direction” always combined with breath. “Vinyasa Flow Yoga” are therefore a sequences of asanas that gently flows one to another with centering breath. It’s a dynamic and intense standing practice followed by grounded asanas and Pranayama Techniques..


Yoga passed through oral tradition, therefore the firsts writings that specifically and systematically spoke about Hatha Yoga came from the Middle Age. However, we know that Yoga is a millennial discipline (Yoga Sutra is dated back to about 300 B.C.E.). In Hatha Yoga practices we'll focus on breath and more static positions, correct alignments and posture, finding our inner (and outer) balance, toning our body and centering our mind finding with a constant practice more advanced asanas.


Pregnancy brings one of the most fulfilled and intense process of life. There are no contraindication to the Yoga practice or other activities (but all excessive strain or repetitive jumps need to be avoided though). With proper accessory and care indeed, particularly from 3rd trimester, we will stronger and make more flexible our Pelvic Floor Muscles, supporting our bodymind with Pranayama Techniques. Likewise, after pregnancy we’d need to reaccustomed our body to have proper tone, especially our Pelvic Floor Muscles and Abdominal wall that often requires a careful recovery due to Diastasis Rectis. Meeting other women is then a crucial source of confrontation in this sacred and delicate part of our life.