Lezioni e corsi di pialtes individuali o di gruppo a Firenze

NatureFitFlorence ASD offers to Members individual or group Pilates sessions.

Joseph Pilates developed its “Contrology” method, known as “Pilates” method. He studied a great variety of disciplines, including martial arts, classic dance, yoga, artistic gymnastic, designing specific equipments as well to use for improving body conditions. From flexibility to toning to a proper control of breathing and body movement.

Group or individual Pilates sessions provides a global strenghtening along with flexibility of the body at 360°. From Core Stability to Spinal Articulation, from coordination to strengthening upper/lower body and back extensors, focusing on Core and Pelvis stability (Powerhouse). These are the fundamentals of Pilates method.

It’s definitely an essential practice if you don't aim to quantity but to quality developing deep intrinsic muscles that gives you better posture working on specific activations, therefore gaining more stability, flexibility and support to the whole body.